Best.Buy.Damascus1 Multitool Pocket Knife 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Folding Knives Keychain Plier Kit in Durable Black Oxide Stainless Steel for Outdoor Survival, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking

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Product Overview

Built-In Protection for Safer Use
Blades can be dangerous and you can easily cut yourself without proper care. In order to make the multi-tool army Swiss knife safer to handle, Best.Buy.Damascus1 has included an ingenious safeguard that prevents the blade from accidentally closing on your fingers by requiring you to push inwards to fold it.

Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool Kit
Whether you need to get things done at home, or you’ve gone camping, fishing, or hiking and you’re hesitant about the idea of packing the whole toolbox, Best.Buy.Damascus1 has you covered. The multi-tool army knife seamlessly transforms into a plier, can opener, knife / saw blade, bottle opener, and even a screwdriver with the included 9-in-1 bit set.

Durable Stainless Steel Tools
Tools work great until they don’t anymore. This being caused by a series of circumstances including the formation of rust. The tools sealed within the Best.Buy.Damascus1 multi-purpose kit are different. Made of black oxide stainless steel, these will serve you impeccably over the years without rusting.

Ergonomic Handle for Both Hands
No matter whether you rely on your right or left hand to grab and handle, the Swiss army knife hosts its innumerable tools within an ergonomic handle that’s symmetrically flat on both sides to suit both righties and lefties. Included is a sturdy belt clip pouch to store the blade and sail for adventure.

What’s In The Box:
1 x Best.Buy.Damascus1 Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool Kit (Model: RP-TL001)
1 x 9-in-1 Screwdriver Bit Set
1 x Belt Clip Pouch
1 x User Guide


(No reviews yet) Write a Review